Progetti IQONIC


IQONIC: Innovative strategies, sensing and process Chains for increased Quality, re-configurability, and recyclability of Manufacturing Optolectronics


01 October 2018 – 01 April 2022 (42 months)


7.997.968,75 €






Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.


iQonic inserts itself within the optoelectronic technology field, which is experiencing a steady growth and development. Indeed, recent advances in this field are producing technology breakthrough in consumer electronics, in solar energy production systems and in LED and industrial laser applications.

At the same time, the optoelectronic industry must take into account the new equipment, manufacturing processes and challenges which are leading production towards a greater individualisation and personalisation of results, and which require consequently a rapid and dynamic change of the production systems.

In this view, iQonic aims at developing a productive platform which will be scalable and able to reduce production defects of optoelectronic components to zero. moreover, this platform will be flexible and sustainable in order to adapt both to new production lines and to the existing ones.


iQonic foresees the launch of 8 scalable strategies at the components, machine and system levels:

  • DIAGNOSE: early detection of the varying nature of the next part to be produced: both material sensitivity and product design parameters;
  • PREDICT: predicting possible defects and expected quality, allowing tuning before production of the product;
  • ADJUST: adapting process chains to the specific needs of each new part through an iterative process to reach acceptable quality;
  • PREVENT: preventing defects by recalibration of the production line, as well as preventing defect propagation to later stages of production;
  • DETECT: early detection of defects, to adapt part parameters to previously successful states and to decide to send parts down- or up-stream;
  • MANAGE: managing all this through event modelling, KPI monitoring and real-time decision support systems;
  • SUSTAIN: planning the rework or re-manufacture of the product, if possible, and eventual re-use and/or re-qualification;
  • REDESIGN: providing feedback on design performance and knowledge to production of future parts and iterations of design to make better products and process chain.

Through these 8 strategies, iQonic will allow to increase efficiency and flexibility in the production of optoelectronic components and at the same time to reduce its costs thanks to the use of recycled components and materials; additionally, components assembly and disassembly will be improved and 400 new more jobs will be created.