Progetti NEWMAN


NEWMAN – Nickel frEe poWders for high perforMAnce compoNents


01/01/2020 – 31/12/2021


1.512.026 €


EIT Raw Materials


D2.2 Upscaling


Alma Mater Studiorum – Universita di Bologna


Powder metallurgy has proven to be a unique technology in the production of mechanical components, offering various technical advantages, including freedom of design, energy saving, reduction of the consumption of raw materials, and reduction of costs.

Up to now high-performance components have been produced using mainly sintering powders that contain Nickel. However, in recent years this element has generated moments of crisis in the sector due to the high and fluctuating cost of the raw material and its supply and because of its carcinogenicity.

To overcome these drawbacks, the NEWMAN project aims to demonstrate at the industrial level the feasibility of Nickel-Free powders (NFP) for the production of high performance components. Thanks to the coordination of UNIBO, the project partners will test and validate the properties of the innovative Nickel-Free powders developed by Höganäs, demonstrating that they can replace the powders with Nickel. SINTERIS will be responsible for the production of the components, while CRF and VICI will take care of demonstrating the performance of the parts produced with NFP on an industrial level. The environmental impact will also be assessed thanks to the contribution of the Ghent University which will approach various scenarios based on LCA methodologies. The communication and dissemination activities will be coordinated by CRIT, with the aim of increasing awareness among the designers and users of metal powders of the technical and economic potential of Nickel-Free powders.