Progetti ROSSINI


ROSSINI: RObot enhanced SenSing, INtelligence and actuation to Improve job quality in manufacturing


10/01/18 – 04/01/22 (42 months)


7.978.176,25 €








The ROSSINI project aims at designing, developing and demonstrating a modular and scalable platform for the integration of robotic technologies, focused on human-robot collaboration, in industrial production environments. This will be achieved:

  • By developing innovative technological components and methodologies in the application fields related to collaborative robotics (detection, control, implementation, human aspects, risk evaluation methodology);
  • By integrating components developed for each sector in an open platform that will guarantee a swift acceleration and an easy integration.

The ROSSINI consortium, led by two big industrial stakeholders with a world reputation as technology leaders in the field of automation security (PILZ e DATALOGIC), is inspired by the ambition to enable smart and dynamic HRC (Human Robot Collaboration) applications, where the allocation of activities, security functions and work parameters can be easily adapted to the production requirements and specific needs of the employees.

ROSSINI technology developments will be based on partners’ technologies (sensors, controllers and other mechatronic devices), already widely used in robotics, and performance improvements of components and their structuring will be achieved. Moreover, through ROSSINI, the consortium intends to develop and demonstrate a new concept of collaborative robotic arm, developed specifically for cooperating with humans, with integrated collaborative functions to reduce reaction times and for the safe positioning reporting.


  • Designing a Smart and Safe Sensing System with improved detection and tracking capabilities for monitoring the working environment
  • Designing a classified fusion module for security in data processing
  • Ddeveloping a Safety Aware Control Architecture for robot cognitive perception
  • and optimal task planning and execution
  • Developing a “Collaborative by Birth” Robotic Arm range with novel built-in
  • safety features
  • Developing a framework for Human-Robot Mutual Understanding in
  • collaborative operations
  • Integrating all the ROSSINI technological components into one inherently safe platform for HRC applications development

By offering a wide range of physical and virtual components for the design of HCR applications, ROSSINI will present itself as a turning point in the market of robotic technologies, distinguishing itself from the hierarchic and rigid platforms supported by big manipulators producers. In the ROSSINI vision, this will in turn generate a new generation of robotic applications, that will be able to cooperate with humans at a level never reached before, thus contributing importantly at the sustainability of production in Europe.