Progetti SCaVa


SCaVa – Stereo Camera VAlidation


01/01/2021 – 10/01/2021 (10 months)






COVR Award


The SCaVa – Stereo Camera Validation project – involves CRIT and Datalogic for the development of a validation method to be applied to 2 stereo cameras, capable of detecting the arm and body of an operator, so that they can be tested as part of an innovative protection system. This approach represents a keystone in the validation of the safe interaction between robots and workers in the factory, in compliance with existing safety standards (EC 61496 Safety of machinery – Electro-sensitive protective equipment).

In Scava the stereocameras will be tested within Datalogic laboratories, which will be adapted according to the methodologies offered by the COVR project and in collaboration with the STIIMA-CNR of Milan. This will also allow to develop a new protocol to test and validate the devices, interpreting European legislation: a significant step for all actors involved in the collaborative robotics sector.

SCaVa is funded within the COVR Awards, a call promoted by the COVR project and funded by the Horizon 2020 Program, coordinated by the Danish Technology Institute and participated by STIIMA-CNR. The project addresses the issue of the safety of collaborative robots (cobots) in the industrial environment and aims to develop tools and methodologies to test / measure / validate the use of cobots in accordance with existing safety standards.

Within SCaVa CRIT will lead the communication and dissemination activities, promoting the project’s results through targeted communications and the organization of webinars or working groups with the involvement of ROSSINI and COVR partners.