Servic Innovation development

Technology innovation processes can be improved by means of different tools:

  • Identification of funding opportunities
  • Reduction of technological and organizational barriers
  • Creation of network synergies
  • Support enterprises in their management of innovation activities

CRIT assists enterprises in their overall process which leads ideas to be converted into products ready to be placed on the market.

Due to the experience gained within its collaborative environment, CRIT design specific services tailored on the needs of large size small and medium enterprises, institutions and authorities.

Through the access to services provided by CRIT in the field of innovation development, enterprises can:

  • MONITORING OF CALLS AND PARTNER SEARCH To identify funding opportunities matching their own research and innovation projects
  • PROPOSAL WRITING FOR SUBMISSION OF PROJECTS → Participate in regional, national and European calls for project proposals
  • MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNT OF FUNDED PROJECTS → Receive assistance in the management of all the technical and administrative procedures needed to accomplish the requirements of public calls
  • TECHNOLOGY DUE DILIGENCE → Identify the technology level and the degree of innovation of a possible partner
  • CONSULTANCY ACTIVITY → Be supported in all the phases of the innovation process, from the formulation of the idea to the realization of the product

Some recent examples of innovation development activities carried out for our clients:

  • Preparation and successful submission of proposals in national calls (National Cluster of Smart Factories) and European calls (REEMAIN project, FOF Impact project)
  • Focus Group Meetings, identification of partners, proposals writing in the framework of Horizon 2020 both for large scale enterprises and SMEs
  • Proposals writing for regional calls for both for large scale enterprises and SMEs (i.e. Regional Call for Earthquake Interventions in the Emilia Romagna Region – 2012)
  • NEFTECH TECHNOLOGY: network of enterprises formed by 6 enterprises from the Certified Suppliers Network of CRIT
  • Participation in commission for the evaluation of PNI CUBE award dedicated to innovative start-ups
  • Development of Technology Due Diligence for innovative start-up funded by venture capitals
  • LEAN project for SMEs
  • Management of R&D projects for SMEs
  • Gestione progetti di ricerca e sviluppo per PMI
  • Other types of collaboration activities



CRIT offers assistance to enterprises in the identification of most suitable funding or co-funding opportunities available (at regional, national and European level) to finance research and innovation initiatives. Assistance includes a positioning study report, which underlines the following outcomes:

  • Sub-programmes of Horizon2020, regional and national funding schemes;
  • Role of the enterprise within the sub-programmes (coordinator, end user, technology developer, participant, sub-contractor, etc.), taking into account of the ambition of the enterprise in terms of its interests, competencies and available infrastructures;
  • Potential impact on the level of innovation of enterprises (product/process).

Further available services are:

  • Systematic monitoring of opportunities presented by Horizon 2020 relevant to macro areas of thematic interest;
  • An observatory on the international technological dialogue at national and European level (ETP – European Technology Platforms, JTI – Joint Technology Initiatives, PPP – Public-Private Partnerships) on topics of interest.

Access to public funds for financing research and development activities, requires nowadays an always increasing need to stay updated on the public debate on themes and actors which plays an important role in the panorama of international cooperation for project funding. Regional authorities, national government bodies, European Commission created specialized communication channels with enterprises, with the aim to anticipate their needs and requirements in the formulation of dedicated interventions through financial instruments, to better match opportunities and demands.

In this framework, CRIT participates actively in the following national and European initiatives:

  • ASTER – Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network;
  • Technology platform ASTER (Regione Emilia-Romagna): Materials-Mechanics
  • National Platforms “Alliance for Materials Italia”
  • European Asssociation EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association)
  • European Asssociation SPIRE (Sustainable Process Industries Research Association)
  • Other European technology platforms, focused on small groups of selected enterprises (i.e. Photonics, Food4Life, etc.)



CRIT offers assistance in the formulation of the project, starting from its structure and further implementation (either at regional, national and European level), in the definition and creation of the project consortium, including the partner search and the preparation of all the necessary documentation and final proposal to be submitted to the funding agency.

Among other services, it is also possible to be promoted within project initiatives carried out within CRIT:

Identification of projects initiatives in which CRIT is involved and partner search, national and international, aiming at the creation of research Consortia

Regular monitoring of research Consortia in definition phase, operating on thematic areas of interest, aiming at the evaluation of participation opportunities.

Some recent examples of projects finalized through the activities carried out by CRIT

  • Preparation of proposals and participation in national and European projects
  • Focus Group Meetings, identification of partners, proposals writing in the framework of Horizon 2020 both for large scale enterprises and SMEs
  • Proposals writing for regional calls for both for large scale enterprises and SMEs (i.e. Regional Call for Earthquake Interventions In Emilia Romagna Region 2012)
  • NEFTECH TECHNOLOGY: network of enterprises formed by 6 enterprises from the Endorsed Suppliers Network CRIT
  • Participation in commission for the evaluation of PNI CUBE award dedicated to innovative start ups
  • Development of Technology Due Diligence for innovative start-up funded by venture capitals
  • LEAN project for SMEs
  • Management of R&D projects for SMEs



The approval of a project for financial support, involves the assumption of new procedures on behalf of a company in the routine work which encompass research and development activities as well as administration and financial tasks. All these additional assignments are necessary to ensure on one hand the achievement of the final technical objectives of the project; on the other, it is also required to monitor, control and check the correct endorsement of all the administrative aspects in order to fulfill the obligations related to the financial contribution.

Project management work carried out by CRIT is based on the collaboration with enterprises in the coordination of all the activities related to a funded project: liaison activities with other project stakeholders or partners, track progress of projects and work, organization of periodical meeting with partners and other subjects involved, ensure alignment to strategic goals through a focused identification of bottlenecks or gaps from the original plan and subsequent intervention and correction activities.

CRIT also support enterprises in all the accounting and financial reporting activities needed for the correct track of actual costs against budget over time during the project, including the collection of all the technical-administrative documentation requested by the grantor and the process and revision of all the materials to be submitted for the disbursement of contribution.

Services offered by CRIT in the sector have been carefully formulated for companies and enterprises having therefore the possibility to minimize their commitment on obligations related to funded projects, allowing them to focus on the daily specific activities of direct interest reducing administrative burdens, delegating to CRIT all the other additional tasks which are however necessary to ensure a proper progress of the project and to guarantee the relevant disbursement of financial contribution.



In order to minimize all the risks connected to investments and related financial operations, due diligence becomes critical for assessing the stability and validity of a company’s technology capabilities as well as the degree of technological innovation and competitivity. Investors (Venture Capitalists, Banks, Funds, etc.) often require a careful analysis of a company or of an entrepreneurial initiative.

On the other side, also entrepreneurs or inventors owning a company with an high technology level (start-up, spin-off and similar) may require an objective evaluation of their real degree of innovation or competitiveness for their ideas or business venture initiative.

Due Diligence activities developed by CRIT during years are able to offer:

  • In depth analysis of the proposed technology with respect to the scientific/technological literature
  • State-of-the-Art analysis and study of the associated technological trends
  • Analysis of the competitors and the concurrent technologies
  • Analysis of the development plans, programs, budget, and management capabilities

The final outcome of the Due Diligence research is represented by a report, comprehensive of brief introduction on the analysis carried out and a detailed survey containing exhaustive information in which is also presented the technological positioning of the company (or of the business idea), clearly and capable to be adopted also by users having no specific technical background on the contents presented.

CRIT gained experience in Due Diligence practices of research and innovation spin off or industrial start-up on behalf of Venture Capital entities, Specialized agency belonging to the national network of Chamber of Commerce and other subjects.



During the last decade, CRIT was able to develop a diversified portfolio of experiences and competencies in different context, with the goal to assist enterprises to innovate their product and/or processes and put in place a strategy for technology innovation, in line with relevant core business.

Moreover, CRIT is able to provide agencies and institutions with consultancy to initiate a process for the formulation and implementation of their own advanced services for innovation and technology transfer dedicated to their network of client and customers.

CRIT consultancy activities encompasses the following thematic areas:

Technology assessment: CRIT provides consultancy on the technology positioning of enterprises, together with supporting tools to exploit at the best possible level innovation strategies

Business Process Reengineering: CRIT analyze and re-design industrial processes (BPR – Business Process Reengineering) through the adoption of best practices for technology innovation and management innovation

Research and development project and partner search: CRIT supports enterprises in the definition of the best process to realize the transition from one idea at its research stage to market delivery, providing assistance in all the technical, logistic and coordination phases, providing guidance to all the parties involved.

Technology Problem Solving: CRIT gives guidance on the identification on innovative solution for technical problems related to products or processes, through the use of recognized methodologies (i.e. TRIZ)

Open Innovation: CRIT offers assistance in the creation of inter-enterprise networks, creating dialogue opportunities with external parties (other enterprises, research centers, universities, etc.) to foster and strengthen synergies aiming to create new knowledge and to develop innovation

Innovation Services and Technology Transfer for Agencies and Institutions: agencies and institutions (universities, research centres, technology parks, associations, etc.) collaborate with CRIT in the design and implementation of customized services, created to stimulate and disseminate the culture of innovation and the technology transfer process in industrial districts, territories, sectors.

All the above mentioned activities are carried out by personnel working at CRIT and also, when necessary, external qualified expert appointed by CRIT according to the specific demands and requirements of clients.

Some examples of consultancy activities carried out by CRIT:

  • Re-design of the entire productive process of a PMI operating in the sector of metal sheet manufacture, according to LEAN manufacturing approaches
  • Organization of periodic conferences or events on thematic areas linked to Innovation, in cooperation with Bologna Business School
  • Collaborative Technology Problem Solving: CRIT developed and implemented a methodology to approach the solution of thecnology problems in sinergy with team formed by specialized technician from selected enterprises
  • Club of Innovators, of the Federal Industrial Associations of the Modena province
  • Technology assessment intervention for enterprises based in the region of Terre dei Castelli (Emilia-Romagna Region)