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Seminari Applying ergonomics: job quality measurements, mental workload and acceptability

Ergonomics is the science that studies the interactions between humans and the other elements of the complex systems in which they act to design solutions that improve them in accordance to people needs, abilities and limitations. In this webinar, starting from real case studies (on collaborative robotics and more), Ludotic, Adequat, Ghepi (Endorsed Supplier Network) and TNO will make us discover different practical aspects of ergonomics: from mental workload issues to workforce acceptability.

Seminari Safety in collaborative robot systems: technologies, standards and best practices

The paradigm of collaborative robotics is becoming more and more the natural evolution to which advanced factory automation must strive. In this webinar Datalogic (CRIT associates), Universal Robots and Omron (Endorsed Supplier Network) will discuss their views and approaches to deal with some of the main aspects involved in collaborative robotics systems.