The Rossini Modular KIT: a complete set of tools for collaborative robotics



The event will be held via web. Subscribers to the event will receive a communication on how to access the virtual room a couple of days before the event.

The European-funded Rossini project (see https://www.rossini-project.com/) collects thirteen partners throughout Europe with the overall common aim to improve Human-Robot-Collaboration (HRC) applications in terms of job quality, reconfiguration time and safety performance. To reach this goal, the overall Rossini solution has been design as a set of novel and potentially interconneted many components; all these components have been where developed during the project time and at this stage are ready to be integrated within the different use cases.

This webinar will present the ROSSINI solution according to the above vision, namely as a modular KIT of component for HRC applications. In detail, the overall vision underneath the development of the ROSSINI modular KIT will be illustrated, stemming from the envisioned Safety-Aware Architecture presented in the project’s proposal; accordingly, the different components that make the ROSSINI KIT are grouped into two sets: CORE and EXTRA. A representative subset of these components will then be presented by the partners that designed and developed them.

The link for access to the online platform and for participation in the webinar will be sent to those registered on the day preceding the event.


10.30 Webinar start


  • Introduction to the Rossini Modular KIT (Masiero R., CRIT)
    • Safety-Aware Control Architecture
    • CORE and EXTRA components
  • Technological Overview on the developed Rossini components
    • RS⁴ Controller, Vision and Laser (Andreoni G., DATASENSING)
    • Radar, Skin and Safe Position Signaling (Schweiker M., PILZ)
    • Semantic Scene Map (Folger M., IRIS)
    • Cognitive and Flexible Execution Layer and Orchestrator (Secchi C., UNIMORE)
    • The Rossini Collaborative Robot (Zamboni M., SUPSI)
    • The Human Factor in HR Collaboration (Krause F., TNO)
    • Evaluation of Hazard Potential in Free Collisions (Behrens R., FRAUNHOFER IFF)
    • Virtual Design Tool (Folger M., IRIS)

11.45 Q&A

12.00 End of the webinar

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