Beyond Plastics: Biopolymers as Key Enablers in Horizon Europe – OPEN to hybrid participation

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The European Commission has committed to transitioning towards a circular and sustainable economy. One of the key areas of focus is the reduction of plastic waste, which has become a global environmental issue. In the transition towards a green economy, the substitution of fossil-based materials by bio-based materials in many different products and components is an absolute necessity. In this contest, Horizon Europe is funding research and innovation projects focused on developing biopolymers and their applications, in order to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The potential applications of biopolymers are vast and include packaging, textiles, agriculture, and biomedical devices, among others. However, there are still challenges to be addressed, such as improving the mechanical properties and durability of biopolymers, and scaling up production to meet demand.

The event want to share the experience of AMBIANCE partners in facing challenges connected to biopolymers application and manufacturing. ITAINNOVA, AIMEN and SUPSI are recognized European Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) involved in many European projects. Speakers will discuss how they are facing the current challenges in bio-polymers developments and how bio-based materials are key enablers to reduce the environmental impact of production processes.

AMBIANCE project is a European project funded in Horizon Europe by European Commission (Grant n° 101058406) and  started in June 2022. Its main aim is to develop novel bio-based products for urban outdoor applications through innovative characterization, digital technologies, and circular approach.


The event will be attended at  the Motor Valley Accelerator office. Register on this page if you want to attend physically. If you want to attend the meeting ONLINE, register here.


14:15 Registration of the participant

14:40 Welcome

14:45 Biopolymers: Technology and Market landscape in Europe

Giulia Broglia, CRIT

15:00 Biopolymers in technical applications: ITAINNOVA experience

Cristina Crespo, ITAINNOVA

15:20 Additive manufacturing of biopolymers and biobased materials. The experience of AIMEN

Ricardo Losada Mateo, AIMEN

15:40 Life Cycle Assessment in biopolymers context

Matteo Pirotta, SUPSI

16:00 The AMBIANCE project: a step forward the use of Biopolymers

Gemma Ibarz, ITAINNOVA

16:20: Q&A

16:30 Cocktail & Networking

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