Transnational Working Table – New Technologies and Solutions

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CRIT, in collaboration with European centers for innovation and technology transfert, is carrying out a series of activities aimed at favoring the benchmark and the exchange of knowledge between companies in the fields of mechatronics and advanced automation.

The meeting is organized with one of this centers for innovation: the Mechatronik & Automation Cluster in Augsburg. (www.cluster-ma.de/home/index.html). The Mechatronik & Automation Cluster is an important technology transfer center located in Ausgburg, Bavaria, specialized in the mechatronics and automation sectors.

The work table will be held in English.

The meeting is included in the activities carried out by CRIT within the European Project NUCLEI (Network of Technology Transfer Nodes for Enhanced open Innovation in the Central Europe advanced manufacturing and processing industry – Project index number: CE318). The NUCLEI project, of which CRIT is coordinator, offers the opportunity for companies to be involved in:

  • work tables and transnational discussions on technological / organizational / management issues
  • thematic seminars on the results of research and development activities, which may also include support for technology transfer activities


9:15      Registration of participants

9:30     Nuclei Project: aim and activities – CRIT

9:45     New technologies and solutions in mechatronics and advanced automation sectors – Mechatronik & Automation Cluster

10:45    Open discussion and collaboration opportunity

12: 30   Closing and conclusions

13.00    Buffet lunch

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