Networking Day 2018 – The impact of new technologies on corporate complexity

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The markets are increasingly stimulated by «mass customization», a production logic that envisages supplying a high number of customers with customized products, at reasonable costs, without sacrificing quality.

Companies, due to the reduction in production lots and average product life, must be flexible and fast; but to meet the needs of the market and remain competitive, they are forced to produce more advanced products and develop more complex production processes.

Innovation and the rise of new technologies can help companies manage this complexity, both during product development and during production.

All this provided that man has the necessary skills to understand and manage technologies and identify the right business opportunities.

The meeting, included in the Open Innovation Week organized by CRIT as part of the Interreg Central Europe NUCLEI project (CE_318), will focus on these issues and will offer opportunities for debate and networking.


09.00 Registration and welcome coffee

09.30 Introduction to the day – Andrea Ceci, Head of Innovation Development, CRIT

10.00 Mega trend and technological developments in the refrigeration sector – Giorgio De Ponti, Product Strategy Manager, Epta Group

10.30 Growth and Competitiveness: training and research in relations between universities and the industrial system – Rosa Grimaldi, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna and Bologna Business School

11.00 (Aula Magna) Business strategies and innovation: how does the value proposition of companies change? – To respond adequately to the constantly evolving market, more and more sectors are changing the structure of their offer using new strategies and adding new services to the products. We talk about it with:

  • Stefano Colombo, General Manager, Colombo Filippetti
  • Eugenio Guerrieri, General Manager, Curti
  • Silvia Gilotta, Senior UX Researcher, Ludotic
  • Andrea Maramotti, Key Account Manager, Omron
  • Marco Martinini, Chief Executive Officer, VICI & C
  • Giovanni Giudici, Global Sales & Marketing Director, Vimi Fasteners

12.00 (Aula Magna) High-performance and customized products: which technologies? – Composite and polymeric materials, surface treatments and coatings, additives metal manufacturing, tomography and non-destructive tests: materials and technologies for the realization of innovative products with high technological content. We talk about it with:

  • Franco Bercella, General Manager, Bercella
  • Fabrizio Casadei, General Manager, Ecor International
  • Giacomo Davoli, R&D Manager, F. M.
  • In Rossini, R&D Manager, Plasmapps
  • Michele Poggipolini, General Manager, Poggipolini
  • Riccardo Marruchi, Commercial Director, Tec Eurolab

11.00 (Aula Fuoco) Advanced Manufacturing Strategies: which choices to achieve manufacturing excellence? – The industrial sector is crossed by a profound transformation process thanks to the opportunities offered by new technologies; this phenomenon is revolutionizing not only the production systems of large companies, but also those of small and medium enterprises.

In the first session we talk about it with:

  • Umberto Mirani, Senior Partner, Bonfiglioli Consulting
  • Maria Cristina Gherpelli, Director General, Ghepi
  • Jessica Moretti, Sales Specialist, Hyperlean
  • Alberto Pellero, Director Strategy & Marketing, Kuka
  • Pierfrancesco Lorenzelli, Plant Manager, Motor Power Company

In the second panel session we talk about it with:

  • Alessandro Enna, Director of Festo Academy, Festo
  • Roberto Menichetti, Sales Manager, Meccanostampi
  • Niccolò Bellini, Space System Engineer, NPC Italy
  • Cristian Fantuzzi, Chief Operating Officer, PEI VM
  • Diego Lenzini, Plant Manager, Tellure Rota

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Blockchain for productive, administrative and social innovation – Giacomo Scillia, CINECA – Cineca proposes a concrete analysis of the opportunities that Blockchain technology can offer to companies, tracing application scenarios in which it can enable transparent and advantageous cooperation between independent bodies, first step towards new business models. The developments of the Blockchain are not confined only to the world of financial transactions, indeed the logic of decentralization can open a new way of managing transactions in many other sectors.

14.30 Data Driven Innovation: what value do data generate for companies? – The data and their correct analysis and interpretation can favor important changes in terms of products and services, can allow companies to exploit new business opportunities and to have a new approach to customers. We talk about it with:

  • Andrea Ronchi, Head of Business Development, Energy Way
  • Massimo Crepaldi, Division Manager, Finsoft
  • Matteo Zanotti, Head of Business Development, TT Tecnosistemi
  • Michele Vario, OEM Sales Manager, Wonderware

15.15 Internet of Things, when an object can be called “intelligent”? – Any object can become part of the IoT universe, if it is possible to identify it via IP address and has the ability to exchange data over the network without the help of man. Intelligence is not tied to objects but to the services they can offer.

  • Marco Liverani, Purchasing and Logistics Director, AEPI Industrie
  • Ivan Fondriest, Owner, Deltatech
  • Paolo Gai, Founder and CEO, Evidence
  • Gianluca Venere, Chief Strategy Officer, SECO
  • Enzo Maria Tieghi, CEO, ServiTecno

16.00 Smart Manufacturing and Digital Twin: why use virtual models and simulations? – The possibility of saving on the creation of an expensive physical prototype and starting to test the performance of an object only on a digital level puts companies in front of a turning point. We talk about it with:

  • Fabrizio Gatti, Application Engineering Manager, Ansys
  • Chiara Bogo, Marketing Director, Dassault Systemes Italy
  • Valerio Galli, Chief Operating Officer, Esi Group
  • Daniele Bucci, Technical Director, Hypertec Solution
  • Daniele Vitale, Head of the Safety and V&V team, System Engineering Area, Nier Ingegneria

16.45 What is the goal of Digital Transformation? – It is not the adoption of new digital technologies that decrees the success or failure of a company, but how technologies are exploited to generate the maximum value for the customer. Value creation as a starting point for Digital Transformation. We talk about it with:

  • Andrea Violante, Partner & Design Lead, Niew Design
  • Ilario Truppa, Technical Sales Executive, OC Group
  • Andrea Prandini, R&D Director, Quix
  • Silla Rizzoli, Digital Industry Team Leader, Vem Sistemi
  • Vilma Zamboli, Content Strategist, Writec

17.30 New challenges and technologies for 2050 Agriculture – Gennaro Monacelli, CNH Industrial’s Global responsible for Design Analysis and Simulation

18.00 Conclusions and closure of works

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