20.12.2019 News

ROSSINI Project: 7 EU-funded projects on collaborative robotics together


Collaborative robotics is one of the key themes of the future of industrial automation, favoring the improvement of human work activity and, at the same time, improving production capacity.

Currently, there are 7 EU-funded projects dedicated to Collaborative Robotics, each focused on the development of technologies with a focus on a particular sector. Because of this feature, each project will approach different business models to encourage the penetration of collaborative solutions in the relevant market.

On Monday 9 December, these projects came together in a workshop organized by the European commission to highlight the benefits of funding related to robotics. The results of this meeting will be summarized in a final report that will be published by the end of the year.

CRIT is involved, and has written, one of these 7 projects: ROSSINI. The project, which involves Datalogic and IMA (CRIT member companies) and other European leaders, aims to design, develop and demonstrate a modular and scalable platform for the integration of robotic technologies focused on collaboration with man in production environments industrial

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